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I know that choosing a family photographer and committing your hard earned money towards this is a big decision, so here are the answers to lots of questions that might be spinning around your head right now...


How long are your family sessions?

Sessions last up to 1 hour, depending on the age/s of the children & the amount of time that they can happily co-operate for. I always schedule the maximum time for myself & will stay for as long as you are happy to shoot, or until we have enough beautiful shots for me to work with.

Can I book a longer session?

Absolutely! The longer we spend together, the more of your family story we will be able to capture.

Can I book a group session?

Yes! I love photographing extended families and getting grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and pets into the picture is always incredibly special. For groups larger than 6 people, only Collection 2 & Collection 3 are valid (or a custom session of course).

What kind of gear do you use?

I have always been a Nikon girl! They've always felt more comfortable and natural in my hand. I have various lenses depending on what we plan to shoot together!

Do I have to order prints through you?

I am very happy to order prints for you, and I will soon have this automated so that you can order them yourself with just a few clicks. Or you can download your images and have them printed yourself. The choice is entirely yours!

What should we wear?

For any photo session the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable. It's also really important to think about the colours & styles that everyone else is wearing, and for everyone to wear complementary colours, but there is no need to all wear the same colour. Spend a little time thinking about this in advance. Also, ideally clothes without any large names, logos or pictures visible is preferable. If you need help with this please just ask, I have various photos & images that can be used for inspiration & guidance.

How will we know what to do at the photo session, we've never had a family photo session before!

Never fear, leave that to me! The photo session will be fun & easy-going in order for everyone to feel relaxed & their most natural. My photography style is informal, capturing interaction between people and families, so I will sometimes ask you to look at the camera & other times I will shoot when you are not aware of it to capture more intimate, candid moments. We will be talking to each other throughout & you can ask me questions, suggest things, take a break, at any time that you like.

What time is best to book a session?

The best time to shoot outdoors is in the late afternoon when it is cooler & the light is softer, around 17.00 (depending on the time of the year). It also depends on your location and on your child/rens age and schedule. We can agree on a time that best suits you.

What happens if it rains?

In the case of rain on the day of the session, we will rearrange if necessary.

How do we pay you?

A 50% deposit is payable upon confirmation of booking, and the remainder is payable on the day of the session. If you book Collection 1 or Collection 2, you are able to upgrade your collection at any time. I accept cash (EC$ & US$), PayPal (in GBP £), and bank transfer (Antigua or UK).

How will we receive our photos?

For all of my clients I will email you a link to your online gallery (private and password protected), normally within 2 weeks of our session. From the gallery, you can then view all of the final images & select which ones you would like to purchase. Collection 1 and Collection 2 offer you a select number of photos to purchase / keep. Collection 3 offers you the entire gallery.

If you need your photos sooner than the normal two week turnaround time, just let me know and I will try my very best to work within your timeframe.

Do I own the copyright for my family photos?

In a word, no, that is not how copyright works. I realise it seems counter-intuitive that you don't own the copyright for images of your own family, but copyright is owned by the individual or business that created the image, so in this case the copyright for all photos remains with Emma Mathieson Photography.


Maybe you aren't looking or feeling your very best (in your own eyes anyway), but to your family you are just right, because you are the only you in that family.

Maybe you worry that your kids won't 'behave' for the session, but I don't want your kids to 'behave' I want them to be their true selves, because that is what I aim to capture for you, not a pretend 'perfect' version of your family.

And, maybe it feels a little uncomfortable to put ourselves in front of the camera but I can't stress enough the importance of having all family members in the photos, especially Mum! Put down that phone, with a gazillion photos of everyone else but you, and step into the photo yourself. As mother's we exist and we must be visible and present!

My sessions only last up to an hour, and the memories you take away are precious, I promise!



Jo & Family

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"Emma is a true professional in her craft. Her relaxed and comforting demeanour makes anyone being photographed feel at ease and natural. I wanted to capture memories of what our minds see everyday, these images did exactly that. We now have beautiful moments that we can fondly look at whenever we want. Thank you Emma for creating something quite special"

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