About Me

I would love to meet you and your family, so here is a little bit about me so we can start getting to know each other!

I fell in love with photography more than twenty years ago, when I worked at the BBC making amazing wildlife and documentary programmes - anyone remember 'Wildlife on One' or 'The Really Wild Show' - I'm showing my age now!

It was from there that I learnt how to use a camera (it was film back then, I am making myself sound ancient!), and more enjoyable was learning the art of visual storytelling, and taking people on an emotional and honest journey through images.

Now, with my trusty camera, I want to put you and your family in the frame.

A lot has changed since those early days of me learning to use a camera. I have lived all around the world, I have my own little family now, and I've been doing this photography thing for ten years. But what hasn't changed is the fact that I still adore photographing people and love as much as ever.

If you have scrolled this far already, you must want to know even more about me! So here are a few extra Emma Fun Facts, so you can make sure that I'm a good fit for you and your family. ...

  • I love yoga and how it calms and focuses my butterfly mind.
  • Chocolate chip cookies are my favourite food (it's a food group, right?!).
  • I used to want to be an actress, until I realised that my stage fright didn't actually allow me to walk on stage.
  • Nowadays I satisfy my acting-bug by going to the theatre whenever I can and luckily Bristol is AMAZING for that.
  • I'm a dreadful cook, however much I try I just don't seem to improve 😭.
  • I love reading and if you have any good tips for books I would love to hear them! Currently reading 'The Last Devil to Die' by Richard Osman (I'll be so sad when I have to say goodbye to the adorable Thursday Murder Club gang).

Now that you know a bit more about me, I would love to hear more about you!